History of Olivet Evangelical Church

On the 19th September 1937, around 40 christians gathered together to endeavour to carry out the functions of a New Testament assembly including breaking bread (communion) each Sunday. They met in the Lesser Oddfellows Hall, Grahams Road. In October 1952 they obtained their own premises in Silver Row (near the current Callander Square shopping precint) and Olivet Gospel Hall was established, later to be known as Olivet Evangelical Church . Having our own premises and flexibility to arrange additional meetings and outreach events conversions and baptisms, particularly among young people, became a regular feature in the life of the church.                                                                                             



Due to the redevelopment of the Falkirk town centre the church was relocated to the current site in Kerse Lane. The new building was opened on 26 October 1963, and the larger more modern premises offered even greater opportunity to expand the work. Outreach amongst children, young people, women and men has provided  appropriate means for people to come together to enjoy fellowship, experience friendship, but more importantly learn about God and truth contained within the Bible.                                     



Other aspects of community involvement have been developed with the introduction of a care support group for elderly people and a parent and toddler group.