Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
Olivet Evangelical Church exists to glorify God, and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We are seeking to become more Christ-like,
witnessing to Him, faithfully teaching His word,
seeking God’s will in prayer serving our community
We are committed to:
  • Preaching the Word: to ensure that the Word of God is preached faithfully and systematically from the Bible, and applied to our lives and circumstances
  • Sacraments: to properly administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Breaking of Bread in accordance with what we believe Scripture teaches
  • Worship: to make every action in our lives an object of worship, and when we come together to glorify God and worship Christ corporately
  • Fellowship: to ensure all of God’s people can belong and feel safe and welcome in a caring community
  • Mission: to be Christ’s witnesses in Falkirk, in and the , and to the ends of the earth
  • Ministry: to share the love of Jesus Christ in a practical way to the people of Falkirk